Book Critique Assignment

My next book critique meeting is next Wednesday, May 16. For our assignment we were given a bunch of pictures, pick one we like, and then describe what’s going on in the picture. After much contemplation, I decided to choose this one:

I’m not really sure what this picture is about yet. But, the first thing that popped into my mind was: Lydia. Her name, for sure, is Lydia. First, She’s alone in the woods by herself so that tells me a) she’s a loner and b) an explorer, a thinker…like me! c) a little crazy because she’s alone…in the woods…

I don’t think Lydia is sad. I think she’s very interested in the world around her. She examines and questions everything. Something she’s been contemplating she’s semed to have found in those two rocks she’s holding. She’s intrigued by them. There’s something about those rocks that made her stop and pick them up. But, what? What was she searching for? Did she find it? Or has it always been lying there…waiting for her to pick it up..?


Necole S. Ryse

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