Submitting manuscripts…the death of me.

I’m taking a Writing for Children’s class and the lesson we learned yesterday was “Market Research and Submitting your work”. Now, I’m all for market research. I’ll read every YA mystery novel, I’ll attend conferences and I know submission guidelines of both my ideal publishers, but still I haven’t submitted a query letter to an agent. Ever.

It’s one thing for your family to tell you that you have a gift, and even for strangers. But, it’s another thing when your manuscript, your brain child, your masterpiece, is out there alone swimming in the slush pile, waiting for an editor to rip it a part. I can’t stomach that feeling, so I revise.

Now, revision is my downfall. Clearly, I can do story beginnings. That’s all I have in my “Novel Idea” book. Beginnings. Even people that frequent my blog text, tweet and Facebook me begging me to finish one of these stories. I focus so heavily on making it perfect I oversaturate my novel. I nit-pick and think “that doesn’t make sense” when in reality, it probably does.

I hate when I think a novel is finished and then I revise. Revision sucks! And that’s usually when whole manuscripts get tossed and I begin a new idea.

“Nickels” said it best (on why he/she doesn’t submit any manuscripts):

Nickels: I don’t. That’s why I haven’t. I’m my own worst critic. I get the feeling nothing is ever going to be ready, in my eyes. That worries me. I don’t know how I can believe so deeply that I am meant to be a writer and then doubt every compliment I receive, second-guess every word I write . . . If anyone knows how to conquer this beast, I’d love to learn.


Necole S. Ryse

One thought on “Submitting manuscripts…the death of me.

  1. mstrongspaid says:

    Just read your post about submitting manuscripts.
    That’s what I do too….second-guessing and doubting—with many beginnings waiting for an end! I identified with “Nickels,” just like you.
    Thanks for the like and the encouragement.
    We will both get there, as soon as we figure out where “there” is!


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