Hands Exercise: Mrs. Nichols’ fingernails

As you all know, every meeting in my book club we have an exercise. This particular exercise was to write about someone’s hands. Sounds boring, right? Well, I think I made it fun. Hope you enjoy!

Mrs. Nichols Fingernails

“Have you ever noticed Mrs. Nichols’ fingernails?” Jayden whispered to me in the middle of class. I automatically looked up at Mrs. Nichols who was just a few feet away. But, her hands were balled up, leaning intentively into annoying Susan Felber. Susan was pointing to her test, probably asking a million questions.

This was a pop quiz. Who had time to ask questions? I was too busy trying to remember answers until Jayden interrupted me.

“Her hands bro, check her hands!” He reminded me, poking me in my ribs. Mrs. Nichols moved on from annoying Susan and she was now sitting at her desk staring directly at me. Her extremely long pointer finger was placed over her pursed lips, instructing me to “shhh!” I looked quickly over to her nails, and I kid you not, there was nothing there. Her nails were bitten down to the cuticle, the skin was peeled back too, revealing a chunk of green.

I must have made a horrible face because her eyes immediately followed mine to her finger. She replaced the astray skin nonchalantly like this was a regular routine, like her freaking hands weren’t falling off!

I looked over at Jayden who shared the same disgusted look and before we could process what we saw, Mrs. Nichols screamed, “CLASS DISMISSED!”


© 2012

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