April 11, 2045

Funny story before we begin: I was doing laundry and this paper floated out of the basket and into the machine. Thinking it was something important, I grabbed it before it got sucked under the swirl of the water. I was just about to trash it when I read it and fell head over heels in love. My best friend, Adriene, who is a fabulous actress and even more fabulous person, always told me that I would be good at fantasy….I guess I should have listened a long time ago. Love you.

Sometimes, I wonder where I come up with this stuff…..I hope you enjoy!

April 11, 2045

Understand this is a first-hand account. This is not what they wrote in the history books, or what they broadcast on the sixth of May every year. This is the truth and if you think you can’t handle this – please place this bottle back where you found it. It should be next to the bunker, under the patch of fake grass. Leave it there for the next brave soul to find. Don’t feel bad for betraying me. You’re not the person I’ve been looking for.

But, if you are ready to handle the truth and free the world from the horrible state that it soon shall be in, then by all means, keep reading.

April 11, 2045

It’s been three days since the arrest. Everyone in little Sanford is elated. Donut shops are back in business, so law enforecement is elated, too. There haven’t been any riots or people gunned down in the streets. There hasn’t been any sort of violence, unless you call Mrs. Caputza getting run over by her lawnmower again, voilence.

Anyway, our town has been quite the friendly place since the culprit was arrested. It seemed pretty ridiculous that he was free to roam the streets anyway. Shooting innocent people like that and he gets to live? Ridiculous if I’ve ever heard it. But now that he’s behind bars we can go on to live life as normal. We’ve even returned to school, but we’ve been gone for so long the teachers have forgotten how to use their boards. The chairs seem harder, the desks seem smaller, and the clocks tick louder. Although all the adults are acting normal, something is wrong, very wrong.

The culprit was arrested and so were dozens of his followers; some were adults and some were even children. But, there have been rumors circulating that it’s more than just the thirty or so people they arrested. Oh, there’s been hushed talk around town and my mom shushes my dad when we’re at the dinner table, but everyone is still afraid. Afraid that one day we’ll all have to go back to hiding again. Afraid that the normal lives we’ve clung to for long will get snatched away again. Afraid that anyone, their neighbors, their teachers, even their child could be involved in the next overthrow.


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