My Writing Process

So, I was asked to do a blog hop by my incredibly hilarious writer friend, Robin Muse, who is in the process of writing a highly anticipated romance novel. Read the synopsis on her blog and her post on How She Writes.

Follow her on Twitter: @LicitRecidivist, she’s hilarious.

She was asked to do a blog on How She Writes from her friend Kennedy Ryan.

Thanks Robin for thinking of me. So, let’s get this thing started!

What are you currently writing?

Sheesh…currently um…this must be a loaded question. Okay, Linda honey, listen. I am “currently” writing book 3 of The Birthright Trilogy. The first book of this trilogy, The Legacy, is coming out June 17, 2o14 from Winslet Press. I am also currently editing book 2 of The Birthright Trilogy, The Missing. While writing a whole ton of manuscripts I dibble and dabble in when I hit a snag in The Birthright.

What makes your work different?

Well, first, I’m an African American young adult fiction writer. You can pinch me. I am real. We do exist. So, there. That makes my work different than most writers.  We’re practically unheard of.

What makes my work different is…me. I’m different. I’m different from most writers. I have a serious problem with rules and authority, so all those “writing rules” that people say you can’t break, I do. I don’t think writing has to be this one thing that you put in a box. So many people have limits on writing, especially in YA, and I don’t do well with rules. I’m going to write what I want. All the time, no matter what. But you’ll never find a vampire in my novel. I’m so tired of vampires I don’t know what to do..

But, I digress..

Why do you write what you do?

This will be such a long answer, so brace yourself. It’s a mix of my previous answer my disdain for rules and because I want to change the face of African American literature.  My first book (The Legacy) is like A Different World and Pretty Little Liars mixed together in one. My main characters attend a Black Ivy League school and living a privileged lifestyle comes with a price. It could cost your life. (dun! Dun! DUNNNNNN!!!) I want African American characters to be in someplace other than the streets in novels, like, in higher education. I want people to realize that all African American literature doesn’t have to be urban.  African Americans are bold, artistic and beautiful! We are often underrepresented and misrepresented in mainstream literature. We are queens and kings, well educated and ambitious. I want those people to read my novels and see themselves. Diversity in YA is so scarce, and I’d do anything to get more positive African American images out in the world. That’s why I write what I do.

What is your writing process?

I answered this on my Instagram post a while ago, but I’ll give ya’ll another run down of my process.

  1. All of my ideas start out on paper. Receipt paper, a napkin, practically anything I can get my hands on.
  2. When I actually get enough fluid ideas I write one sentence on an actual piece of paper.
  3. Then, once I get a sentence and a concept forming, I continue writing long hand until I get at least one chapter.
  4. Then, I transfer it all to Word. I type from then on.



Thanks so much for reading!!!

Next up is the amazingly talented Jontae Grace! He is in the process of publishing his first book. He drops so many gems on Twitter and Facebook. You all really should follow him. He is going to do amazing things for people in search of the right one.

Also up next Monday is Tiffany .C Lewis. Her debut novella Inside Out is available on Amazon and is a thrill-ride of a read. Check her out!

Necole, over and out

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