trust your gut, always

I know you’re probably wondering why the cover of my very first novel, The Legacy, went from this:

The Legacy


To this:


Well, there’s a lot behind the story and I’ll make it very simple and concise for you: I made a mistake.

I didn’t trust my gut when it came to this publishing business. I foolishly thought that, with the help of a publishing company, I could make a bigger impact in my writing career. But as soon as I got the ball rolling with my previous publishing company I soon learned that I could have done everything and MORE on my own. (That’s not to say I still can’t make an impact with a publishing company. It’s just that I clearly chose the wrong one).

See, I doubted myself. I doubted my abilities and my reach as a writer. After several bothersome issues I realized I could no longer ignore the fact that I was not happy with my decision and I made the choice to leave.

I struggled for a while with what to do. Should I just stay? It’s not that bad, right? At least I wasn’t self-published. So many people look down their noses at self-published authors as if we are the scum of the Earth in the publishing business. Especially a BLACK self-published author, but that is neither here nor there because I could make a whole ‘nother blog post about that foolishness. But I realized I couldn’t let that voice of doubt influence me anymore. I had to trust my gut once and for all.

I got myself into this mess and I am hoping I can get myself out of it.

I have a trunk full of THE LEGACY (first edition) paperbacks that I am trying my hardest to get rid of. I have made them $10 PERMANENTLY and I’m throwing in the matching bookmark and a pen. There is also FREE shipping. Purchase your copies here.

Even if you already have a copy of my book, tell a friend. Share this picture (below) or this blog post on your social media. If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me: and Twitter/IG: @necoleryse


I can’t thank you enough.

Necole, over & out.

6 thoughts on “trust your gut, always

  1. msstephanieelise says:

    Oh wow! I am so sorry to hear about your problems with the publisher. But never fear, we have your back! Your novel is amazing, your story is compelling, and your fans are hooked. Thanks for sharing, and let me know when I can get a copy of The Legacy 2.0.

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  2. jacheree says:

    Uh oh! These things happen, of course. You live, you learn, right?! Any advice for someone currently searching for an agent and hopefully working with a publisher in the relatively near future? What to look out for that you were turned off by, etc.?

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    • necolesryse says:

      Advice for seeking an agent – patience. It takes time. You’ll get a lot of NO’s. A whole lot of them. And it’s not because your work sucks, it could be because it’s just not right for them. Most agents know what they want and make their wish lists public like on Twitter, etc. I would search through those lists and see which agents are looking for a manuscript like yours. Or pick your favorite book. Chances are the author thanked their agent in the acknowledgements. Google their agent and see what their submission guidelines are. Don’t be afraid to shoot for the top either. Query your dream agent! Also, sometimes (this is very rare) big publishing houses will accept unsolicited queries for a small window of time. Keep checking back!

      If you do get picked up by a smaller press I would Google their name. Check out other authors that are signed to that label. See how their works are doing/if they are selling. See if you can contact the authors and ask how they like the label. I would hate to tell you to be wary of NEW small presses. Some small presses are credible and popular. But, I would be wary to sign with a fairly new press again (this is just my opinion though).

      Best of luck! You’ll get snagged, I’m sure of it!

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  3. piinnkkii says:

    I was also a self publishing hater, and with good reason, which is a whole ‘nother post, but Creative Control, hell, control in general, is one thing that I think authors THINK they can live without until they lose it, sometimes we have to take the reins.

    I know that you will take everything as a lesson and your success is assured 🙂

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