Lots of followers vs. Lots of interaction

What is more important to have? 10K followers? or 10K “likes” or retweets? Here is what I’ve discovered about a.) building an author platform and b.) book promotions.

  • Numbers DO lie. Especially on social networks. When you make a new page, if you didn’t jump on the bandwagon once the social network first started, chances are you don’t have a lot of followers. (That’s not to say that over time you may collect thousands of followers) But, what constitutes a lot, anyway? 1,000? 5K? 10? 30K? I’ve come to learn that it’s not always about the amount of followers you have, but about the interaction you get with in conjunction with those followers. For example, someone could have 100K followers on their Twitter page, right? They follow me out of the blue and my eyes pop at the amount of people that are following their Twitter updates. Immediately, I’m curious. I scroll through their timeline and read all their posts. (Yes, I do this for every person that follows me) If more than 10 posts go by without one retweet or comment, there is no need to follow back because I know this person is merely a follower collector, someone only following other people to boost their own numbers. You can have 14K followers but if no one from those FOURTEEN THOUSAND people retweets you or even interacts with you, what’s the point?


  • Money, that’s the point. (The Book Promotion Scam) Everything revolves around money. It is smart to get your product into the hands of someone who has a large following. That person can broadcast your product (let’s just say book because that’s my “product” and this is my blog so…deal with it) book to their 30,000 followers. That’s 30,000 people you don’t know that happened to pause, like, or scroll past your book. That’s fine at least they saw it. BUT! (There’s always a but) You must beware of those people who claim they can give you serious exposure for your book because of their large following. See, if you run across a book promotion service that states it can guarantee you exposure for your book because their newsletter has 3K subscribed members, 6500 views on their website every hour, etc. be sure to do thorough research. If you go to their social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, IG) and they have big numbers, but only 3 “likes” on their posts DON’T DO IT! That’s what you call ghost followers. More than likely this person PAID to get those followers and they are about to GET you for your money too! Sure, they will post your book and broadcast it everywhere, but will anyone really SEE it? Will you get a boost in sales? Hell naw, so don’t expect one.


  • Followers vs. Supporters. (Building A Brand) This brings me to my last point. It is more important to have supporters than followers. Why? Because people who SUPPORT you will RT, like, click links, write reviews, participate in book tours, tell their friends, etc. Those are the kinds of people that you need. That’s what helps build a BRAND. YOU ARE A BRAND. People who FOLLOW you will scroll past your tweet, IG post or FB post and continue on in their daily life, never stopping to like anything or even glance over it. That’s why it’s not about the numbers! Forget the amount of numbers you have right now whether it’s 5, 500 or 5,000. The “numbers” will come. Concentrate on making genuine connections with people and watch your brand take off!


Remember, if you want to be SUPPORTED you must first be SUPPORTIVE. Every time you see someone tweet about their book, RT it to your followers. You never know who could be looking to read something just like that. Authors are very appreciative of things like that and won’t hesitate to return the favor!


Necole over & out!

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