Review: Nearly Gone


Nearly Gone by Elle Cosimano

Nearly Gone
by Elle Cosimano

Synopsis: Nearly Gone centers around a 16 or 17 year old girl (can’t remember now), Nearly, who is a math and science nerd and smart as a whip! She scours the Personals ad in the newspaper because she believes her estranged father would possibly leave a message for her there.

I know, don’t ask.

Until one day she comes across a rather interesting ad that catches her eye. She can’t get it out of her mind. Until her classmate turns up dead. Another ad is posted. Another classmate dead. Nearly realizes that the ads are meant for her to find. And she has to stop her friends from getting slaughtered.

Enter Reece. Think fine bad boy that has NO written all over him. Well, the good girl falls head over heels for him. And together, they have to find out who is killing their classmates. But Reece has a past of his own and if they both can’t figure out who’s behind the murders, they both could be next.

First Line:

Who can tell me the purpose of Dr. Schrodinger’s experiment?” Mr. Rankin paced between the rows on the other side of the classroom. I huddled over my open textbook, concealing the Missed Connections ad in the personals section, dissecting the words again for some hidden meaning. Newton was wrong. We clash with yellow. Find me tonight under the bleachers. It read like a science fiction riddle, and I couldn’t seem to stop looking at it.

Not the most exciting way to open a thriller, but I’ll get to that later.

Review (My Thoughts): I got this book from the library because I love YA Thrillers. The cover pulled me in initially and reading the inside flap did as well. I’ll admit the beginning was hard to get through with all the science talk. I was never into science in school. So all the nerd talk completely lost me and it took me at least two days to get through the first chapters because I kept putting it down, getting distracted, etc. But as soon as I pushed through the first few paragraphs the story really opened up.


I got to know Nearly more as a character and man, is she complex. Her mother is an exotic dancer at some rundown strip joint up the street from their trailer park. You heard me right. Trailer park. In D.C.


Nearly is the typical good girl. Following her mother’s rules, getting A’s so she can get out of their trailer and make something of herself. She and her best friend Anh are competing for this scholarship her school offers that gives them a shitload of money to get them into college.

But along comes Reece. Typical Bad Boy Hottie McHotterson that gets the nerdy girl all frazzled in the lady parts and she can’t think straight when he’s close to her. Early on we learn why Reece takes an interest in Nearly, and here is when it kinda gets “She’s All That” on you when the guy has bad intentions, but then realizes he really likes the nerd chick and feels bad for  judging her. Turns out, Reece is a snitch for the police. In order to get his record cleared he had to tail Nearly, get close to her so the police can figure out what she knows about the investigation. But he soon realizes what is going on and tries to save Nearly’s life (on multiple occasions).

As a mystery/thriller writer I really thought I knew who the killer would be the entire time. I had the “bad guy” pegged from the first few pages of the book and I was sitting back, waiting for the answer to fall in my lap. Oh, but I was soooooo wrong. This book is beautifully written. Suspenseful and breathtaking. It’s different, new and fresh. Nearly isn’t just a curious good girl who runs face first into danger like most of the main characters in thriller novels. Nearly is smart and calculating. She is strong, even when she doesn’t know it. Her innocence with Reece almost made me want to push her face on his by the end of the book LOL.

Nearly Gone is a great read for anyone who loves YA mysteries/thrillers. The author slowly rolled out each little bread crumb and as soon as you think you have it all figured out, you don’t.

P.S. – The writing and descriptions are beautiful!!!!! 




I’m totally obsessed!

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