Review: Not a Drop to Drink

NOT A DROP TO DRINK by Mindy McGinnis


Not a Drop to Drink by Mindy McGinnis

Lynn and her mother live in the woods where they guard their pond. Water is scarce and diseased. And anyone who comes near their pond dies. No questions asked. Lynn and her mother face the fierce winters and harsh summers for years until they see smoke from the East. And that could only mean other people. Those people will either threaten the solace Lynn and her mother have created or they will change Lynn’s view of the waterless world she lives in.

First line:

Lynn was nine the first time she killed to defend the pond, the sweet smell of water luring the man to be picked off like the barn swallows that dared to swoop in for a drink.

Favorite Lines: 

Lynn pulled her own rifle into her lap, the cold metal bringing more comfort to her than Mother’s touch ever could. – page 4

“Why do you always quote poetry at me when all I want is a straight answer?”

“Because I need to use my English degree,” Mother said…. – page 28

The crushing weight of her own role in Mother’s death was constant, a dark cloud that followed her waking thoughts that she knew would billow into a storm of a nightmare if she slept. – page 114

“We’re going to have to find a shared vocabulary before I can flirt.”


“Yeah it’s how a boy shows a girl that he likes her. Or vice versa,” he said pointedly.

“Sounds like a waste of time,” Lynn said…- page 170

Review (My thoughts):  

Here are the good things.

This novel is wonderfully written. The descriptions of the characters and the surrounding area were fantastic. McGinnis is prolific. It’s almost poetic the way she describes things in the novel. Also, the character development is nice. Lynn starts out as hard around the edges as her mother. Ruthless, even. She doesn’t trust anyone other than her mother or her next door neighbor, Stebbs. And it’s not her fault. She’d been raised that way. But as the novel goes on a few characters cross her path, she begins to soften. She becomes more caring and more willing to share the things her mother has taught her.

Here are the bad things.

If the book sounds boring from my take of the synopsis then that’s because it was. It took me a very long time to get through. It usually takes me at most a week to finish a book and even that’s pushing it. It took me a whole 2 weeks to get through this book. It tricked me. From the front flap I thought it would be a thriller or sorts. You know, action-packed, pulse-pounding. The cover was amazing, the inside flap and the first sentence drew me in. But, then it fell flat. I kept expecting something to happen. But nothing ever did. The most exciting part


was when Lynn’s mother died. I know it sounds awful but that was the best part of the book, honestly. Everything else was just…a drag. I think the novel did a bit of world building. It was a lot of background information (I’m guessing here) so that we were all set up and ready to go for book 2. I will certainly read the next book in the series, only because I started it. But, if it’s just as disappointing, I think I might have to let the idea of this book go.

3 glasses – Liked it a lot

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