Best Books of 2014

I know I fell off a lot with my book blog (December was a crazy month, judge your mother).


But, I read a ton of books that aren’t shown on the review section. Some listed below I have reviewed. The link to the review is below the book cover.

Here are 10 books I read in 2014 that have touched my heart, inspired me, changed the way I write/think/dream, and are all around awesome-sauce. (All of the books are YA (young adult fiction) unless stated otherwise).

Sanctum – Sarah Fine

Lela’s best friend, Nadia, commits suicide and Lela doesn’t know why. In a freak accident Lela finds herself standing at The Suicide Gates (where people go who commit suicide) to find Nadia. Malachi, TSG guard, knows Nadia doesn’t belong. Their mission? Find Nadia. Get her out.


The Selection Series – Kiera Cass

35 girls. 1 winner. The prize? Prince Maxon’s heart. Lower-middle class America Singer doesn’t want anything to do with The Selection. But when she is picked, she is forced to leave behind a life she knew all too well and thrust into a world where she wants for nothing.  America must decide between the life she thought she wanted and the one presented to her.


The Great Greene Heist – Varian Johnson

Jackson Greene has been rehabilitated. He doesn’t “heist” anymore. But when his sorta-kinda ex-girlfriend runs against his arch-nemesis for class president…Well, let’s just say, it’s a little hard to walk away from unfinished business. Especially when you’re so good at it.


The Knife of Never Letting Go (Chaos Walking Series)
– Patrick Ness

In Prentisstown, everyone can hear everyone else’s thoughts. It’s chaos and noise non-stop. But when Todd stumbles into an area of complete silence. Why? How? The secrets that Todd discovers about Prentisstown aren’t the only thing the men in the town can keep quiet about…


Killing Floor (Jack Reacher Series) – Lee Child (Adult Fiction)

(Okay, seriously? Get this book.) Jack Reacher is the man. An ex-military cop who is a drifter. He wanders into the wrong town at the wrong time and winds up in jail for a murder he didn’t even commit. As the town’s police department maneuvers through the gory details, Reacher does some detective work on his own, and what he discovers about this mysterious town hit closer to home than this drifter could imagine…


Rot and Ruin – Jonathan Maberry

Benny Imura must find a job. So, he enlists in the family business, zombie killing. He loathes following in the footsteps of his older brother, the King Zombie Slayer himself, Tom. But what he discovers about killing dead people could teach him what it means to be human.


My review here

The Vicious Deep – Zoraida Cordova

Lifegaurd Tristan Hart was hit by a record wave. He disappeard under the sea for three days. When he recovers he has an insane sense of smell, scaly skin and…a tail! Secrets about his past are uncovered and the ties his family has to the ocean are old as the sea itself…


My review here

Variant – Robison Wells

Benson Fisher thought getting a scholarship to prestigious Maxfield Academy was a score. But when he arrives and sees the barbed-wire fence and camera monitors he soon discovers that he got more than what he bargained for. And escaping is not an option.


The Naturals – Jennifer L. Barnes

Cassie is a natural at reading people. So when the FBI arrive at her door she is quickly added to a team of other “Naturals”. But when she discovers that The Naturals Program isn’t at all what it seems, Cassie is thrown into a game of cat and mouse. Can The Naturals find the killer before he finds them…?

(Criminal Minds in a YA novel. Awesome-sauce.)


Dorothy Must Die – Danielle Page

Think of everything you know about the Wizard of Oz. Okay, now toss that out of your mind. And then read this book.



So, that’s it. My favorite YA books of 2014! Can’t wait to devour some new ones in 2015!

Happy reading book nerds!

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