2015 Reviews

January 2015

Killer Instinct
Jennifer L. Barnes


Sequel to THE NATURALS. Cassie is a profiler and she is recruited into the FBI’s “Naturals” program along with other kids who are “naturally” gifted; an emotion’s reader, a stats freak and a human lie detector. Together, they solve the FBI’s cold cases. But when a murder hits close to home again, the Naturals crew must come together to protect one of their own.

Marie Lu


June is a military prodigy, bred and born for success in the Republic. Day is the Republic’s most wanted criminal. The two were never supposed to cross paths until June’s brother, Metias, is murdered and Day becomes the number one suspect. While Day races to save his family and June wants to avenge her brother’s death, the two uncover the sinister truth about the Republic and about each other.

The Boy in the Black Suit
Jason Reynolds


Matt wears a black suit every day. Not because he wants to, but because he works at a funeral home. Guarded Matt has to work because his father is incapable of any sort of physical labor outside of guzzling a bottle of alcohol. With so much on his shoulders, Matt needs someone to talk to. And then he meets Lovey. A girl with just as much to deal with.

February 2015

Of Metal and Wishes
Sarah Fine


There are rumors that there is a ghost who haunts the slaughterhouse where Wen’s father works. Not superstitious, Wen challenges the ghost to show his power. Oh, and he does, brutally. Guilt-ridden, Wen befriends the Noor (cheap factory labor) boy who embarrassed her and is lured into the mystery of the Noor men–one in particular. Deadly disturbances are occurring all around Wen and she must determine whom she can trust; the ghost who promised to protect her? Or the Noor men who have always been seen as nothing more than barbarians?


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